4GV I.D. 9.75 in. X 9.625 in. X 8.75 - (KT4GV-8)

4GV I.D. 9.75 in. X 9.625 in. X 8.75 - (KT4GV-8)

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    4GV I.D. 9.75 in. X 9.625 in. X 8.75 - (KT4GV-8)

    32413 _KT4GV-8

    9.75” x 9.625” x 8.75”

    1 Corrugated Shipping Carton
    1 24 x 36 Poly Bag
    1 Twist Tie


    **Requires Vermiculite

    The gross mass of the finished package must not exceed the
    gross mass indicated in the packaging specification markings on
    the outside of the box (8Kg.).
    (3”) Polypropylene tape must be used to seal the top and bottom
    center seam of the package.
    The plastic liner must be used.
    For air shipments inner packaging containing liquid must comply
    with internal pressure test criteria. (Paragraph & of
    IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations).
    Inner packaging(s) must be completely surrounded with a
    sufficient quantity of vermiculite to absorb the entire liquid contents
    of the inner packagings. When inner packagings used are fewer
    or smaller than the originally tested packages then sufficient
    additional cushioning material must be used to take up any void
    It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure products being shipped
    are entirely compatible with this combination package and are
    packaged per the appropriate authority’s regulations including use
    of alternative inner packages.
    Please contact Inmark through the website InmarkPackaging.
    com if you have any questions about how to use this
    packaging system or need information about training programs
    that Inmark offers on the applicable dangerous goods regulations.


    Each no-nonsense V-PACK® fiberboard box holds a maximum gross weight of 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds), and has been designed and tested for use with vermiculite absorbent (sold separately).

      All of our 4GV packaging systems are suitable for Packing Group  I,II, III liquids and solids in all modes of transportation.

      Note: The required hazard labels and inner packaging for shipping dangerous goods in this fiberboard box are not included.


      Orders containing physical goods placed after 2:00 PM Eastern, will be shipped next business day. 

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