4G F-STYLE  2 x 1 Gallon Metal Can Kit

4G F-STYLE 2 x 1 Gallon Metal Can Kit

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4G F-STYLE 2 x 1 Gallon Metal Can Kit


13.5" x 4.375" x 10.375"

1 Corrugated Shipping Carton

F-Style Metal Cans with Closures
27 x 38 Poly Bag
4” Plastic Locking Bag


Please note: When preparing Dangerous Goods to be shipped in this UN specification 4G Packaging System, the shipper must assemble and
secure all components of the packaging system exactly in the manner
This packaging system was originally tested with 4 inner packagings and
then Selective Testing Variation 1 was used to reduce the number of inner
packagings and Selective Testing Variation 4 was used to reduce the
external dimensions without the need for further testing. The reduction in
the number of inner packages does not adversely affect the performance
of this package and an equivalent level of performance is maintained.
Since this package is a reduction from the originally tested system,
the actual gross mass that the package will be able to handle will
also be reduced from the originally tested system.
The general requirements for transportation by aircraft (§173.27) now
require inner packaging or receptacle closures of combination packages
containing liquids must be held securely, tightly and effectively in place by
secondary means. Examples of such secondary methods include:
Adhesive tape, friction sleeves, welding or soldering, locking wires,
locking rings, induction heat seals, and child-resistant closures. The
closure device must be designed so that it is unlikely that it can be
incorrectly or incompletely closed. When a secondary means of closure
cannot be applied or is impracticable to apply to an inner packaging
containing liquids of Packing Groups II and III, this requirement may be
satisfied by securely closing the inner packaging and placing it in a
leakproof liner or bag before placing the inner packaging in its outer
Please contact Inmark through the website InmarkPackaging.com if you
have any questions about how to use this packaging system or need
information about training programs that Inmark offers on the applicable
dangerous goods regulations. 1-800-646-6275