INMARK Introduces New Shrink Sleeve Labeling Line

Inmark is excited to announce the latest addition to its robust labeling and packaging solutions. The new shrink sleeve labeling line utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce labels that offer increased customized branding opportunities to its customers.

While traditional bottle labels allow for printing on the front and back of the bottle, introduction of the new shrink sleeve labeling line provides additional opportunity for product branding. Targeted heat-shrinking technology allows for graphics to be added to the entire circumference of bottles. Inmark invested in leading steam equipment to properly adhere the new labels to bottles in the most efficient and accurate method possible. With many biodegradable sleeves, the new sleeves are also a greener option for companies that are searching for ways to be more ecologically responsible. They also provide customers with a faster, more cost-efficient branding solution for their product labeling needs.

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